March 11th, 2019

So!Coffee caters to all the needs of customers in Poland

Warsaw, March 11th, 2019 – Lagardère Travel Retail Poland organized a workshop for its employees at So!Coffee, to teach them how to cater to the needs of disabled customers.

Held at Annopol Factory shopping mall prior to the launch of the renovated So!Coffee outlet, the purpose of this training session was twofold:
- to raise awareness on all types of disabilities through direct experimentation (employees were blindfolded to understand what it feels to be blind, they learned the basics of sign language among other practical activities)
- to present the new installations put in place for disabled customers


Reopened after a full remodeling, the new So!Coffee at Annopol Factory now specifically includes:
- More space between the tables to facilitate wheelchair access and circulation
- Higher and wider tables adapted to wheelchairs
- A place to store crutches
- A magnetic induction loop for the hearing impaired placed at the counter
- A pad to type in your order for mute customers
- Table order system for the hard of hearing or the elderly
- As well as water bowls for guide dogs

More renovations like these will be rolled out throughout the So!Coffee network.