About us

We harness our pioneering culture to make travel more enjoyable with bespoke offers and experiences. 

Lagardère Travel Retail aspires to weave moments of enjoyment into every passenger’s journey. We transform mundane waiting times into opportunities for discovery, craft spaces that inspire wonder, and curate experiences that resonate with individual preferences.   

To do so, we invest our world-class global expertise and local knowledge to bring tailor-made offers and experiences to life that benefit landlords and travelers alike. Our unique company culture enables our people to thrive in their work and exceed partners’ and travelers’ needs and expectations. Driven by passion, expertise, and teamwork, people are at the heart of our performance and the key of our success.    

As a French-based, international company inspired by our rich 170-year history, we support mobility in all forms, and today, our business model has become a benchmark in the industry thanks to our forward-thinking Three Business Lines model. Operating over 5,120 stores across Travel Essentials, Duty Free & Fashion and Foodservice in airports, railway stations and other concessions in 42 countries worldwide, we generated €6.6bn sales in 2023.  

Our mission

We aim to design and deliver tailor-made offers and experiences to all our stakeholders thanks to our leadership across multiple business activities.

Lagardere-Travel Retail- Our mission

We build and implement value-creating partnerships and environments that perfectly address the operational and commercial expectations of landlords, and where brand partners can reveal their uniqueness. 

We deliver to travelers the experience and level of service they need and deserve.

We offer a work environment where employees can fulfill their potential and be themselves.

Our way

Our performance and success follow a unique blueprint.

Lagardere-Travel Retail- Our way


  • Empowering our local teams to drive excellence and showcase our leadership
  • Delivering operational and commercial value through our unique Three Business Lines model
  • Championing the more sustainable future of Travel Retail to safeguard and have a positive impact on the world
  • Generating profitable expansion through careful business venture selection and sales maximization in existing platforms

Our blueprint reflects our strong foundation, rich experience, and undisputed innovative spirit. It is why we are the pioneers of Travel Retail and how, day in and day out, worldwide, we commit to making travel more enjoyable.

Our environment

We believe that mobility is an essential human need and a source of progress for the world. We are confident that Travel Retail will continue to be one of the fastest-growing, most attractive areas within the Retail industry.

Lagardere-Travel Retail- Our environment

We commit today and tomorrow to continuously enhancing landlord assets and revenue while ensuring travel remains a shared space where people and ideas meet, and everyone can broaden their horizons or enjoy authentic human experiences.

Travel Retailers have the responsibility and power to contribute to a more sustainable travel retail environment. By conviction and business acumen, we have positioned sustainability into our business model to safeguard the durability of our activities.