The preferred partner for Innovation

Our ambition is to be the most innovative player within the Travel Retail industry.

We aim to design and deliver agile, relevant, and value-added innovative solutions adapted to landlord commercial expectations and tailor-made to passenger needs to create a seamless, more responsible and memorable travel experience. 



As each landlord and passenger is unique with his own needs, we offer a wide array of tailor-made or customizable innovations answering to their specific context and expectations.
Our locally-empowered teams, supported by our dedicated central Innovation team enables quick implementation and time-to-market.


Whether we support landlords' innovation roadmaps or develop ad-hoc innovations, our goal is always to create value for landlords and travelers. Our approach to innovation prioritizes quality and customer-facing impact.


Our innovation roadmap is locally driven and globally coordinated through an innovation community.

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Governance

At a local level, our teams are fully empowered to drive and coordinate innovations in close partnership with landlords, adopting a test-and-learn and A/B testing approach. Our extensive network of local innovators contributes to our global experience, enabling us to support and advise landlords on improvements generated by new initiatives. 

At a global level, the central Innovation Team prioritizes and coordinates innovation initiatives in all geographies. They facilitate international deployment and scale up, while accelerating time-to-market implementation internationally. We also form strategic partnerships to enhance the quality and impact of our innovative developments. 

Team up

Create a glocal community around innovation.

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Team up

We support a global internal community dedicated to innovation. With over 20 members, this growing community is spread across the Group, ensuring that our innovation approach efficiently addresses local business challenges while harnessing the Group's capabilities.

Open up

Connect to the innovation ecosystem to stay aware & respond to emerging trends.

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Open up

We develop partnerships with brands and start-ups and scale-up across the Group to increase our agility and strengthen our ability to collaborate with the innovation ecosystem.
We closely monitor and act on the latest trends impacting our industry to maintain our position as partner of choice.

Speed up

Foster a culture of fast experimentation.

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Stand up

We are engaging with Proof-of-concept (PoC) management program

  • Support to facilitate and coordinate the PoC between Lagardère Travel Retail and the scale-ups
  • Support for measurement of PoC results and preparation of business case for potential adoption and roll-out

The evolution of Retail technology - Autonomous stores

Lagardère Travel Retail shows its unique ability to continually redefine and elevate the travel experience by integrating the world’s leading-edge technology into its portfolio.

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Travelwell

2023 openings:

  • Quick N’ Easy, developed with Atos technologies (Belgium - Brussels airport)
  • The Goods Express, 2 concepts launched in partnership with Amazon Just Walk out  (Paradies Lagardère, USA - Charlotte and Washington DCA airport )
  • Travelwell, located at the entrance of Sky Bridge (Hong-Kong airport )

Fully autonomous gate delivery robot

Lagardère Travel Retail Italy has supported Aeroporti di Roma’s robot delivery project to create a seamless customer experience. 

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Robot

Passengers at the new boarding area A in Terminal 1 of Rome Fiumicino International Airport can order food, drinks, and other items from Aelia Duty Free or Relay and have them directly delivered at the gate. 

These robots can navigate through the crowds and complicated environments of the airport, and the entire process is contactless and fully autonomous.

Immersive experiences

Detailed research on traveler needs leads to developing attractive concepts and innovations that drive traffic, enhance dwell time, and increase purchases.

Lagardere-Travel Retail - Innovation - Immersive experience

From virtual reality kiosks, gamifications, AI product recommendations, to our golf simulators, our shops deliver experiences that go beyond traditional retail.