A global leader in Duty Free & Fashion

Lagardère Travel Retail develops develop high-performing and innovative retail brands and concepts in Duty Free & Fashion

Lagardère Travel Retail's goal is to create a memorable shopping experience for travelers at the airport.

We tailor our commercial proposal to each market, to reflect local specificities and sense of place, while leveraging digital functionalities to offer new omnichannel services to travelers from “Click&Collect” to “Shop&Collect”.

We are embracing innovation to make customer journey’s seamless and more experiential, through self-checkout for example, and capitalizing on cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence to elevate the in-store experience.

We are also pioneering new and more responsible concepts such as the Aelia Duty Free eco-store in Geneva, which has been designed to embed high standards of sustainability, from store materials and furnishings up to the product offering.

Own brands

aelia fr
Extime Duty Free Paris 233 - 379
The Belgian Chocolate House

Aelia Duty Free

Our award-winning Aelia Duty Free concept has been designed the deliver the best Duty Free & Fashion shopping experience for passengers around the world, by creating excitement and emotion at the airport.

The objective of Aelia Duty is to create a memorable Duty Free experience, relying on 4 pillars:

  • Facilitation/Frictionless: Duty free shopping needs to be facilitated, by making categories visible and understandable, with price benefits vs the high street, and product knowledge, so that the shopping experience is truly seamless and most of all, unforgettable. We develop new services to ease our customers' journeys: Click&Collect, Shop&Collect.
  • Care: with obvious consideration for Aelia shoppers and leveraging on the brand's  ISO certified OSCAR training program, a new protocol of service has been created for Aelia Duty Free Next Generation, in partnership with Luxury Attitude, a specialist in building signatures of services. Signature of services nourish the way the staff addresses travelers.
  • Here and Nowhere Else: to be memorable, the experience at Aelia Duty free is unique. Each location highlights the uniqueness of local specificities through iconic features, products and sensations of place. The concept also integrates interactive & immersive retail experiences within each category creating retailtainment & emotion at each step of the customer journey. 
  • The Art of the Gift: Most of travelers come into Duty Free stores with the idea of buying a gift. For Aelia Duty Free Next Generation the gift is a statement highly visible from consumer through service signatures, gift wrapping, product merchandising and selection. « The Art of The Gift » is the brand signature and sums up the brand positioning.

The offer strategy relies on a collaborative and innovative approach with brand partners, leaders on their markets (Perfumes, Cosmetics, Alcohol, Tobacco and Confectionery).


Retailtainment & Activation

We never stop changing the way travelers shop in airports

“Art of Fragrance”, “Le Bar”, or “La Scène” are just a few of the most recent customer experiences we have imagined for our stores to offer more excitement and ensure that we stand out from the crowd.

Throughout their journey, we engage with customers via promotions, seasonal offers and campaigns based around local specialties.

Our mantra is « good deals in great shops. »


Anytime, anywhere, on any device

We have created a full omnichannel interactive experience for travelers:

  • before departure: social networks and the pre-order “Click&Collect” service enable customers to discover our products, offers and service
  • in store: digital devices engage and inform travelers and offer digital payment solutions to ease their journey
  • upon return: “Shop&Collect” enables travelers to buy on departure and collect their merchandise when they return. We keep in touch with travelers through newsletters and after-sales service

Customer service

OSCAR, a global customer service program

Since 2006, the OSCAR program (Open, Smile, Consider, Assist, Recognize) guarantees an unparalleled service standard of customer service across our network. All our sales teams are trained at the ISO 9001 certified Lagardère Travel Retail Training Center.

Reinventing Fashion!

Being the leader in travel retail fashion, we have built the most dynamic brand portfolio

Because fashion is also a key part of an airport commercial ecosystem, we develop vibrant fashion concepts and we scout the world to identify the latest trends and successful brands.

From niche mono-brand stores to casual multi-brand concepts, we are able to address the desires of every customer and every airport.