May 06th, 2024

Lagardère Travel Retail publishes its annual industry-wide global report on Travel Retail and Dining trends, Travel Experience Voices

Lagardère Travel Retail proudly announces the publication of its third trend-report in the “Travel Experience Voices” series, titled ‘Transforming today to step into tomorrow’. This report presents cutting-edge industry insights collected from face-to-face interviews with airport and brand executives, exploring the main hot topics shaping the future of the Travel Retail and Dining industry.

The Travel Experience Voices report spotlights three key themes front of mind in the industry today: The growing trend of hybrid concepts, the imperative to invest in sustainable practices, and the opportunity to join forces by implementing data sharing models throughout the entire ecosystem.

Through testimonies and case studies, the report showcases how industry stakeholders and airports are proactively preparing for the future while championing sustainability. We aim to serve both as a reflection of the industry’s journey thus far as well as a roadmap towards the future we aspire to create. 

Lagardère Travel Retail has leveraged its strong relationships with airport landlords and brands globally, across the three business lines, to create this new report. ‘Transforming today to step into tomorrow’ brings together insights from face-to-face interviews with airports and brand senior executives, supplemented with key findings from a quantitative online survey taken by 58 airports and 150 brands across 27 countries as well as contributions from subject-matter experts. Conducted between January and March 2024, these interviews and the online survey provide a comprehensive snapshot of the industry's current landscape and future trajectory.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to sustainability, we move forward with optimism, shaping a Travel Retail industry that is more connected, vibrant, and sustainable than ever before.

Enjoy the reading!

Travel Experience Voices 2024 - full report

Travel Experience Voices 2024