June 03rd, 2019

Lagardère Travel Retail supports the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

Following the terrible fire that damaged Notre-Dame de Paris, the staff of Lagardère Travel Retail France was profoundly moved as everyone else by this tragic event. Naturally, immediately after the fire all the teams swung into action out in the field and in the offices to put in place a concrete action plan to help rebuild the monument.   

The whole company is mobilized to support the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, either via direct donations or via the purchase of Notre-Dame themed products (T-shirts, magazines, books) whose profits are redistributed to the different associations.

Lagardère Travel Retail France set up a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the Fondation du Patrimoine (in RELAY and other Travel Essentials stores) and the Fondation Notre-Dame (in Duty Free, Fashion and Speciality stores), to give its customers the possibility to support the reconstruction of this monument.   


In the aftermath of the tragic event, the illustrator Soledad Bravi drew up this poetic illustration with Notre-Dame and hearts - that we immediately fell in love with. The artist was so impressed with our project that she granted us the right to use her illustration for this operation on T-shirts, postcards, point-of-sale displays, donation box covers, and large-size display posters.

As a result, thanks to the involvement of expert and highly responsive partners, the “Notre-Dame de Paris” campaign was launched a few days after the fire in over 100 Travel Essentials shops and almost 100 duty free shops.   

Notre-Dame in RELAY

In the RELAY network, a digital collection box makes it possible to donate to the Fondation du Patrimoine. 100,000 postcards featuring the Fondation du Patrimoine's address for donations were distributed free of charge during the first few days. And a T-shirt has been exclusively created for this campaign, with all profits going to the foundation.

Notre-Dame in Fnac

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Orly, some 95 SDA Duty Free shops located airside set up a donation system to raise funds for the Fondation Notre-Dame.