July 29th, 2020

Pick & Go: a new global food-to-go concept by Lagardère Travel Retail

Lagardère Travel Retail introduces Pick & Go, a new global catering offer available to customers in Travel Essentials, Foodservice and Duty Free stores. Pick & Go has been designed to give customers safe and easy access to a range of packaged food products at competitive prices.

In the current sanitary context, customers want to be reassured about products safety and are looking for safe and easy access to stores. They are also looking for an alternative to on-board catering which most airlines and train operators have stopped due to Covid-19. To meet their needs, Lagardère Travel Retail is launching a new food-to-go offer: Pick & Go. Available across all three business lines (Travel essentials, Foodservice, Duty Free), the catering proposition is globally consistent in all stores and made up of basic, packaged food products sold at competitive prices. Pick & Go also includes a kids menu. Available in time for summer season, Pick & Go’s ambition is to provide travelers with a catering offer combining strict hygiene standards with convenience and affordability.

Designed collaboratively between local teams in the Lagardère Travel Retail network and the global and business lines teams, Pick & Go is a flexible, adaptable concept. For example, menus can vary by country and the full selection is available to customers via a QR code they can scan. The brand identity and baseline “Enjoy, we Care” is similar across all stores and therefore provides customers with a sense of reassurance and consistency.

Commenting on the announcement, Mélanie Guilldou, Executive Vice President, Foodservice Lagardère Travel Retail, said: “We have launched Pick & Go to quickly respond to the needs of end customers who want to find a safe and affordable alternative to on-board catering, and of landlords who want to maximize the time passengers spend in airports and stations. We have been able to quickly roll-out this very customer-centric proposition across all three lines of activities which is really unique for a travel retailer.  Pick & Go is a great illustration of how we strive to come up with agile and innovative solutions to respond to the needs of B2C and B2B customers in a difficult environment. I’m very confident that Pick & Go can be successful beyond the sanitary crisis.”

First launched in France on 28 July, Pick & Go will be rolled-out in at least 15 countries between now and October.