November 10th, 2022

The Future is Local

Future is Local, a unique sustainable concept store has opened at the Václav Havel Airport Prague to promote conscious, sustainable shopping and support local brands and producers.

Because we care for people and for the planet, we have opened our first Future is Local concept store at Prague Airport Terminal 2, in October. This unique project was designed by the Lagardère Travel Retail Czech Republic.

Future is Local is a place where sustainability and ethical values resound.

  • High-quality materials and genuine craftsmanship with attention down to the smallest detail
  • Legacy and tradition that we can be rightfully proud of
  • Local and sustainable production respectful of the environment and the community

Both the range of products and store design are in line with these principles. The interior was designed and created by current and former students of Mendel University in Brno, with a view to minimize its environmental impact. All furnishings were made by a local company – from sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials, including recycled wood and vinyl flooring made from PET bottles. The concept has incorporated the possibility of recycling all used materials in the future.

Local products are the future.

“The idea behind our concept is clear: the future lies in local resources (goods, services, materials and, above all, people). At Future is Local, we believe in local production and genuine craftsmanship, legacy and tradition. We choose our suppliers accordingly,” explains Richard Procházka, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Czech Republic. "All products are exclusively supplied by Czech and Slovak brands, made from quality materials, in a sustainable way, with respect for the environment and the community. Moreover, the entire range of goods is presented in a pleasing eco-design, a place where you can relax and delight your senses.”

The wide selection of products is divided into three sections for easier orientation: Slow Fashion, Clean Beauty and Gift Items. What they have in common are shared values without compromise and a unique story behind each brand. The store features well-established brands with a long tradition alongside relatively new small producers and people with disabilities from social enterprises: This list includes Klara Rott, KAMA, Studio Malíská, Havlíkova přírodní apotéka, Reparáda, ABRAKA, the Chrpa protected workshop, and many others.

Both our range of designer fashion and organic cosmetics include products for women and men, and the same is true for gift items. Everyone can find here an interesting item with added value, whether they want to please themselves or are looking for an original gift with a story for their loved ones.

Each brand has its own unique story that is presented to the shoppers in an innovative way: with the help of QR codes placed on the shelves, hangers and showcases dedicated to each supplier. If you scan them with your smartphone (or a tablet which the store is happy to lend you), you will be redirected to a website with details about each producer, their selection and values. No brand is anonymous, quite the opposite. “Future is Local is a store for everyone who wants to know more and cares about where, what and how they buy and who they support. Transparency and information are an inseparable part of sustainability,” adds Richard Procházka, who continues: “We are extremely pleased that the Future is Local concept store has been opened at Prague Airport. This is another of our activities carried out in accordance with the sustainability principles to which the company is committed and which it also actively fulfils. The very first reactions of our customers show us how positively they are receiving the new store. That's why we have been thinking about expanding our activities in this respect.”

Jakub Puchalský, a member of the Board of Directors of Prague Airport, adds: “We are happy to have opened a purely local store together with Lagardère Travel Retail Czech Republic, which is the first of its kind at the airport and whose concept is unique on a global scale. We have been promoting sustainability for a long time and therefore, this concept fits into our company-wide strategy. A further expansion of services at the airport towards this direction has our support." 

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