Of course, for a global group engaged in distribution and a range of travel-related sectors, sustainability is a major element in our ethos and our working strategy.

Sustainability is a major global issue, but the opportunities to support the process of change are often small and numerous, including changes as simple as adapting display window lighting hours, the use of low-energy-consuming screens and an ecological approach that minimises the use of plastic carrier bags through sustainable alternatives.

Lagardère Travel Retail has put sustainable development at the heart of its strategy.

In the Lagardère Travel Retail Group, Sustainable Development and Strategy are intimately interlinked.
Sustainable Development actions are carried out through a transversal approach involving the entirety of the Group subsidiaries. Across our global operations our teams are constantly seeking new ways to make the small changes that can make a big difference.
For example, over the past few years, RELAY has supported campaigns organised by UNICEF by raising funds at the local level for children in need. It has also given its support to the RED CROSS, UNESCO, MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION and the WWF.
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